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·May 22, 2020·

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Those in the Node.js world have been closely eyeing deno to learn the future of the secure-by-default js/ts runtime from none other than Ryan Dahl*, the creator of Node.js himself.

As a syadmin, the project goals resonate strongly with me: deno ships as a single binary, scripts have no access to the filesystem or networking by default, and the CLI tool includes some quality-of-life utilities like code formatting.

I wanted an environment to try out this new engine, but by default, Glitch only runs Node.js projects. After some trial-and-error (plus some help from geniuses in the community), I was able to implement deno in Glitch as a full Node.js replacement. The third-party plugin Aqua felt very Express.js-esque, which enabled me to implement a basic web server in seconds: (source)

 * His announcement post is worth a read, especially the discussion of Deno's current limitations.